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Warning Sticker

Make sure your fishing partners know that you mean business when it comes to YOUR baits by posting this sticker on your tackle boxes or boat.

Available in High Viz Yeller or K-Pink Pink

$2.50 ea. Free Shipping!

Available Colors

Reel Grips

We're not sure how we ever got along without these. Won't slip when wet and all day comfort. Fit most every baitcast handle made and some spinning handles.

Pink/ black only.

$4.95 ea.


Pro Patterns EXPOSED, Season 1 Volume 1

K-Pink Gives It Up on the Arkansas River!!

Pro Patterns EXPOSED show cases Elite Series anglers on the water, showing you how to find fish!

Unscripted, no rehearsal, just roll it and hang on, EXPOSED is like no other video series. Volume 4 follows Aaron Martens, Gerald Swindle, Matt Herren, Peter Thilveros, Mark Menendez, and K-Pink.

K-Pink shows you where, when, how, with what, and why on the Arkansas River on the eve of an Elite Series event.

$15.00 ea.


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