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Here's why WEC baits are the premier wooden baits available anywhere at any price.

WEC Custom Lures is a division of Zoom Baits. Zoom founder and owner, Ed Chambers, is the chief lure designer at WEC and a true craftsman. Mr. C has a passion for building not just a balsa bait, but a correct balsa bait. There are no shortcuts, no rough wood, and no spotty finishes on these cranks. WEC crankbaits are painstakingly hand crafted one-at-a-time through a total of 58 individual steps for one purpose - to catch fish. Not only will they catch 'em, they are also the most durable wooden baits we have found.

We have been asked why WEC crankbaits are expensive and what makes them better than other balsa baits. Here are a few reasons:

Dense, hand picked balsa is cut, drilled, multi-coat sealed, multi-coat primed, then painted.
Rear hook hanger is screwed into a hardwood dowel which has been inserted in the tail.
Belly weight/ hook hanger and Lexan bill are glued in with an incredibly strong glue. We pulled large chunks of balsa out while trying to pull the bill out of a bait. Just to see if we could.
Pull point is drilled and inserted through the bill. They are all in the same position and they will not move unless you move them.
Stainless hardware will not rust or corrode.
All baits are finished with an epoxy gel coat, not a thin, less durable lacquer or acrylic.
All WEC baits we stock currently are hand-initialed on the bill by Mr. Ed Chambers himself. Can you say "collector's items"?

WEC baits are not just some flash-in-the-pan "replica" or "reproduction of the originals". WEC crankbaits are not built to make a quick dollar; they are built to catch fish. They have been used to win the Bassmaster Classic, two All Americans, and millions of dollars in countless other tournaments across the country.

These are truly Serious Baits for Serious Fishing.

Due to the extensive hand labor involved in building and the long lead times in obtaining these baits, Peeper's will not backorder any WEC baits. All sales are limited to stock on hand and supplies are limited.
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